Five Yoga Styles for Positive Health

There are a number of Coral Springs yoga training facilities and instructors from which to choose, and I’ll point you to one of my favorites in a moment. But first I want to give you an overview of the diversity of yoga styles within the yoga community.

When you hear the word “yoga”, you may think that it is one type of thing like “water”. But nothing could be further from the truth. Yoga has a wide variety of styles. So in this article I’ll discuss five of the most popular. In particular, I’ll cover Hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga. Let’s get started.

Bikram Yoga
If you love to sweat and let all those toxins pour out of your body, then Bikram yoga is for you. You may know Bikram yoga from the advertised name of hot yoga. It’s all the new rage, even though hot yoga has been around for hundreds of years. But believe it or not, this style of yoga only reached the shores of the United States in any meaningful way beginning in the 1970′s.

What makes you sweat so much when practicing Bikram yoga is the environment. You’ll be in a sparse room that has a temperature set at around 105 degrees. Bikram also involves 26 movements that you’ll walk through. Many people swear by the benefits of this yoga style for it’s ability to not only remove toxins, but to stretch muscles, release stress, and align the body.

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Ashtanga Yoga
This style of yoga is not really geared toward people who are couch potatoes. It’s is often called “power yoga” because some poses can be a bit demanding physically. But you can take a look at it and decide if you want to dive right in or start with one of the other types of yoga first.

But if you are the athletic type, then look at it as a challenge.

Hatha Yoga
When compared to Bikram yoga which uses heat as a tool, Hatha yoga is very different. With this style of yoga, you’re taking very slow and methodical movements and poses. It will also be important to not only focus on deep and proper breathing, but to synchronized it with the movements.

Since Hatha yoga advocates slow movements, this style could be a great starting point if you are fairly new to yoga and want to give it a try. Some people also like to practice Hatha yoga after having a stressful day or before having to make important life-changing decisions.

Vinyasa Yoga
So are you starting to see how some of the major yoga styles differ? If so, you can probably guess that Vinyasa yoga offers something a bit different as well.

While Hatha yoga advocates very slow movements, Vinyasa yoga is all about the smooth and continuous flow from one movement to the next. But what makes Vinyasa yoga the most popular styles is variety. You might attend a class today and walk through a set of movements, and in the next class you’ll be doing different poses.

But because of the mixture of movements, you’d benefit from having a training coach or being in class environment. This is someone who can make sure that your stances and alignments are correct.

They say variety is the spice of life. So if you share that philosophy, then Vinyasa yoga may be the one for you.

Kundalini Yoga
Under Kundalini yoga, the focus is on the lower spine. It is believe that this area houses a key chakra or energy source. So the poses and movements that you’ll perform will be to keep this area free and clear of stress.

As you might expect, your workout will involve movements and poses that work the abdominal region and the spine.

So there you have five types of yoga to strengthen your mind and body. If you’re interested in taking yoga classes in Coral Springs, visit our web site at to learn more.


Finding the Right Coral Springs Dentist

dental xraysIf you’ve had a string of bad luck with dentists or are new to the Coral Springs area, this article is for you. That’s because there are certain qualities that you should look for in a dentist in order to uncover the one that is right for you and your family. The major issues include education and training, experience, testimonials, location, and hours of operation.

First, it’s important that you choose a dentist that has graduated from an accredited dental school. Clearly, the better the education the more apt they are to know there stuff. You definitely want to steer clear of a dentist in Coral springs who attended some fly-by-night school that doesn’t even sound remotely like any school you’ve ever heard of.

In order to determine where a dentist attended university, you can generally find it on their web site. Or, simply give the office a call and ask the receptionist. it shouldn’t be a big deal for them to give you that information. It they sound evasive, then move on to someone else.

Second, make sure that the dentist has been around for a while. After all, you don’t want to be anyone’s guinea pig. Most dentists will have interned somewhere to gain practical hands-on experience. And others will have been in practice for many years and can discuss the number procedures they’ve performed.

While you’re at it, ask the dentist about how they keep up with the latest trends in dentistry medicine. Again, you don’t want someone who is lazy and still following procedures that aren’t as effective. Click here to find a Coral Springs dentist if you’re currently looking.

Third, ask the dentist for testimonials. You’ll often find some on their websites, and that may be enough for you. But if not, don’t hesitate to call the dental office and ask them where they can find objective feedback about the quality of the dental services and the dentist.

Fourth, determine where the dental office is located. Would you prefer for it to be closer to your home or work? Everyone is different. Or, it may not matter at all since you may only visit the dentist two or three times per year.

And if it’s important, take a ride over to the dental address. Check out the office from outside. Is it in a safe area? Does it look clean? etc.

Fifth, you should ask about office hours. Some dentists may be closed on a Saturday. If that’s generally the best time for you and your family, the dentist may not be a good fit.
Similarly, inquire about how after-hour emergencies are handled.

So there you have five things to consider when choosing a dentist in Coral Springs. Check their education and training, level of experience, testimonials, location, and office hours. If you do these things, you’ll be able to quickly narrow your choices and pick a great dentist for you and your family.